Chatten Trip – Part Two

Last week we started a trip round Carey street visiting pubs that we had once frequented with Philip Chatten. We only got through four pubs so we needed to keep going hence our trip this week. As I may have mentioned many of the places that we used to drink in have now gone so this list is just a selection of those that are left. We start were we finished last week.

1. Old Bank of EnglandĀ  194 Fleet St

The weather is getting very warm and a bit humid so it was quite a relief going into here as they have air conditioning. The pub was quite busy on entrance but its a fairly large interior so I had no trouble getting a seat. As a Fullers pub it carries the usual range, Chiswick, London Pride, Discovery and ESB. The two pints of Discovery that I had went down very well.


There appeared to be a private do upstairs on the balcony plus one in the back room. They may well have been the same one but I didn’t check the notices. They were setting up for a Jazz session in the main bar but as we had to leave to continue our crawl we didn’t get to hear any of this. This is one of the Fullers Ale and Pie chain so they specialize in food though I haven’t ever eaten here (though I have in others of this chain).



Crossing over Fleet street and heading west brings us to our next pub.

2. George 213 Strand


This is a long narrow pub, fairly dark inside with lots of wooden panelling and wooden floors. Maybe its attempting a mock medieval look. Presumably its aiming at the heritage tourist market but it does have some drinkable beer on. There were three handpumps dispensing Black Sheep, Purity Mad Goose and Sharps Honey.


There were two televisions, one was showing tennis and the other cricket. We positioned ourselves right at the back of the pub as it was a little bit quieter and we managed to get seats there, plus that was where the cricket was showing which is more John’s cup of tea than the tennis. Down this end of the pub there was a large portrait which I’m assuming is of King George himself (mind you there were several King George’s but perhaps this was the first one and hence no need for a number at the end).



Coming out of this pub we turn down Devereux Court which runs of the Strand alongside this pub. This alleyway takes a couple of right angle turns and widens out to where we find our third pub.

3. Devereux – Devereux Ct


A fairly large pub containing several areas which were once probably different bars but they are now all arranged round a central bar. It wasn’t as busy as I have seen it before but there were quite a few people drinking outside. There were four real ales on, Deuchars, Waggledance, Youngs London Gold and Pride of Pendle from Moorhouse. All the beers drunk were yet again in good condition. Another pub that specialises in food which we didn’t try but we did have a plate of mixed smoked nuts which went very well with the beer. Much evidence of legal affairs on the walls plus lots of old photographs.



Leaving this pub continue on down Devereux Ct which turns another right angle and brings you to Essex street where on the corner we find our fourth pub.

4. Edgar Wallace – 40 Essex Street

This is a reasonably large bar with another bar upstairs but not actually many places to sit so we stood outside which a large proportion of the clientele were doing.


This is a pub which specializes in real ale and had at least 5-6 handpumps on. I didn’t have time to note what was on all of them but we three were drinking Brewers Gold, Canary Pale and Greenall Whitleys Festival Ale. I’m told that this pub has its own website which probably keeps one up to date on the beers.



Crossing over Essex Street we go a short way down Little Essex St to our last pub.

5. Cheshire Cheese – Brick Court Chambers, 5 Little Essex Street


This is a small pub and fairly quiet on our visit though it does boast a games room with a 50″ TV though I couldn’t work out if this was upstairs or downstairs. There were four real ales on, Bombardier, Spitfire, Old Speckled Hen and Canterbury Jack.


There was quite an array of bits and pieces hanging from the ceiling but I entirely forgot to take a picture of this.



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