Cambridge Saturday 7th March 2009

We decided to visit Cambridge again as the pubs are well worth multiple visits. Our last visit in October 2008 was somewhat damp but we were hopeful that this Saturday would be a drier sunnier day. Taking the 11:15 from Kings Cross got us to Cambridge about 12:05 just in time for a drink. Coming out of the station we walked down Station Rd till the first turning on the right into Tenison Rd and then down here till the turning on our left into Cross St which takes one to the first pub which is The Live and let Live on the corner of Mawson St and Cross St.


This is a nice pub with a good range of beer and the food is worth a look. We started out with Everards Tiger, Umble Ale, Grantham Stout and Idle Sod as our first pints. There were probably other beers on but I didn’t make a note of them. To start the day off well we decided to eat here. The days special was Sausage and Mash. The barman told me that the sausages were specials, Beef and Shropshire Blue, hence the price of £7.50. James assured me that this was very nice, personally I had a cheese ploughmans as I had a bit of a hankering for cheese. The pub was reasonably busy but there were plenty of seats so we stayed for two pints.


Sound bite taken in pub

Leaving here we wandered to the end of Mawson St where it joins Mill Rd which we turned right onto then crossed over the road and turned left into Gwydir Rd. Walking down here a short way brings you to the Cambridge Blue.


Yet another very nice pub with a large selection of real ale and again big on food (though we didn’t eat again!). There was a very long beer list I noted Woodford Wherry, Nethergate Red Poll, City of Cambridge Hobsons Choice, Purity UBU, Titanic Captain Smith, City of Cambridge Jet Black. There were others but my notes have run out. On the chalkboard they claimed to have served 814 different real ales since 17/10/07 which is impressive. I noted that again sausage and mash was on the menu but this time it was chili sausages, the noticeboard said they served food till 4:00Pm then again in the evening. There were two main areas in this pub we sat in the right hand area which was well furnished with tables and chairs. The left hand side stretched back to a beer garden which was fairly extensive.


Cambridge Blue comments

Leaving here a short walk took us to the Alexandra Arms on the other side of the road.


This is a Greene King pub so the beer choice is a little limited. They had GK Abbott and IPA plus Hydes Jeckylls Gold which is in fact what we all drank. This is a more modern pub compared to the two previous with a split level interior from the bar area there is a bit of a drop into a seating area with comfortable sofas and a television but this was fully occupied so we decamped to the back back area which was empty and had several tables. This was curiously like an art gallery with objet d’art on shelves, mirrors and a fish tank. There was a garden but we didn’t explore it. Again food was prominently mentioned.


Alexandra Arms sound comments

Leaving the Alexandra Arms we backtracked down Gwydir St as far as the turning on our left into Hooper St and then right into Kingston St where a short walk took us to the Kingston Arms. I think that the drink was kicking in as I didn’t take an exterior shot. This was yet another pub with a large real ale selection. I only noted down four beers which were Elgoods Black Dog mild, Timothy Taylors Landlord, Brewers Gold and Southern Bitter. This pub was quite busy and we were lucky to find a table (which was booked from 8:00PM which is why nobody was seated there). There were large clear windows as the next shot shows:-


This pub had two computer terminals for Internet access plus I think that it had free WiFi. Food was again very prominent and looked more upmarket than the previous pubs, we noted quite a few people eating.  Just to prove I was there here is a shot of me in this pub:-


A nice touch at this pub was that most beers seemed to be served in their own specific glasses which is a common feature in Belgium but not so much in the UK. You can see this in the pint of beer below.


Kingston Arms comments

Leaving here we walked down to the end of the road and right back onto Mill Rd. Crossing back over we walked down to the turning on the left into Tenison Road and thence along there back to Cambridge station. Where James and myself caught the 19:28 to Kings Cross and John and Steve the 19:32 to Liverpool St.

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