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Blackfriars Pub Crawl – Wednesday 25th June 2008

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

As it was a pleasant evening we decided to take a small wander around Blackfriars. This was a repeat of a trip which we did about a year ago. John thought that one of the pubs which we had attempted to visit in 2007 might be again serving real ale so it was worth repeating ourselves.

The first pub that we visited was The Blackfriar at 174 Queen Victoria St. This is a well known tourist pub due to its elaborate mock medieval interior. Its a Nicholsons Inn and usually has several real ales on tap. On our visit the inside was fairly empty because everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine. I sat down in the gloom of the interior to wait for John and James.


The beers that were on were Thwaites Wainwright, Taylors Landlord, Fullers London Pride and Bombardier. I’ve never had Wainwright before but it tasted quite nice and John said that the Landlord was in good condition as well.


There is some nice stained glass in the windows but my phone can’t take a very good picture in low light.


Leaving here and wending our way through the throng of people outside we walked the short distance to Bridewell Place where we found the St Bride’s Tavern. This is a fairly smart looking city pub with an upstairs and downstairs bar. They do food in the evening which smelt very nice though looked a bit pricey. They had a TV showing the football but it wasn’t too loud. Here’s James playing with his nose.


They had two real ales on Greene King Abbott and IPA both in reasonable fettle.

We then walked down to Tudor St and along to number 36 which is the Witness Box.  This had a fairly busy bar at street level but also a quieter bar downstairs with several TVs and air conditioning. The landlord recommended the Wentworths original at £1.95 a pint which was very nice. They also had on Courage Directors and Best. We indulged here in twiglets and mini cheddars (which I happen to like).


Coming back up to street level we retraced our steps to Whitefriars St and walked up to the Harrow at number 22. This is a Fullers pub but only seemed to have London Pride on, three pumps all serving the same beer! The inside was very busy so we sat outside in the street which was much quieter. Looking down the street you could see across the river in the gap in the tall buildings along the Thames and occasionaly you could see boats passing by on the river.


Leaving here we walked up to Fleet St and had a look in the Tipperary but decided not bother so we walked down to the Old Bell and 95 Fleet St. This was very busy but we found a seat in a corner where you couldn’t see the TV. This pub has a very uneven floor which can be a little alarming when you have had too much to drink. I have to say that I didn’t keep a note of the beers here but they had three or four real ales on.


Leaving here I caught a bus from the other side of the road. I got on a number 4 but the route was different from the last time that I travelled on it, it seemed to take a lot longer from Highbury to Finsbury Park than I remembered.